10 Reasons For Choosing Lagou Raxi


  1. The hotel is in the picturesque village of South Pelion, surrounded by nature, with a panoramic view of the whole Pagasitic Gulf. The area is uncrowded and our visitors choose it for a tranquil vacation.
  2. The hotel has no air-conditioning. Due to our altitude a cooler room is achieved with ceiling fans in combination with closed shutters during the hottest part of the day. Air conditioning is dangerous for transmitting viruses.
  3. Because of the size of the hotel we need fewer staff and they all live in our local sparsely populated area. All personnel will be using masks during service and sanitising products will be available throughout the hotel.
  4. Our 20 rooms are spread throughout our three buildings over two floors on our 4000 sq.m. of land and our guests can easily keep suggested safe distances.
  5. All bedrooms and public areas will be regularly cleaned using certified sanitising products.
  6. Breakfast at the hotel will be served (not buffet) on the terrace at different times for each building (Main, Swallow and Garden Houses). Our guests will be able to change breakfast items daily.
  7. All dishes from the restaurant will be served at our new pool bar area where you will also be able to enjoy relaxing coffee or a cocktail. There will be a safe distance between each table.
  8. Our hotel areas are constantly ventilated with pure, fresh Mt. Pelion air. Our lobby has 12 windows and a large terrace. The kitchen has four windows and all the corridors which lead to hotel rooms are constantly ventilated. 16 of our 20 rooms have a balcony and the rest have many windows. All the windows of the hotel are large.
  9. You don’t need to be crowded on to a ferry to enjoy the beaches of Pelion! Access to the hotel is by road and within 20 minutes drive you can visit one of the more than 40 surrounding beaches. From some of the beaches here, by using a 10 minute taxi boat, you can visit beaches on Skiathos island.
  10. We will take care of you and your family and friends’ health as we do ourselves.